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The goal of Active Joints Orthopedics is to deliver the highest standard of orthopedic care and personal attention to every patient. We strive to employ the latest, proven technologies to offer state-of-the art services as part of our care. Whether you have a sports injury or are in need of a hip replacement, knee replacement, spinal care or physical therapy, or are looking for minimally invasive surgery, we are committed to help you achieve your goal.


At Active Joints Orthopedics we are devoted to practicing the latest advancements in Orthopedic surgical techniques: computer assisted total joint replacement surgery, minimally invasive surgery, partial joint replacements, resurfacings, all-arthroscopic reconstructive surgery and spine surgeries.

Dr. Feldman is a pioneer in Hip Resurfacing and has attracted patients from across the country. He is expert in all facets of hip and knee reconstruction including hip arthroscopy and knee arthroscopy, minimally invasive partial knee and hip surgery, direct anterior approach total hip replacment, unicompartmental and partial knee replacements.

At Active Joints Orthopedics, we feel that helping our patients stretch, strengthen and reeducate their muscles and joints is the primary route to healing. We start out with the idea that surgery is reserved for those patients who fail more conservative treatments.

Active Joints Orthopedics believes that physical rehabilitation is an integral part of successful recovery, whether it is used as the primary treatment for a disorder or follows a surgical procedure to enhance the healing process. Our physical therapy center is located on our premises which provides the patient with the convenience of same day appointments to see both the physicians and therapists. This also allows our physicians the opportunity to visit the patients during their therapy sessions, and collaborate with our professionally licensed therapists to formulate specialized treatment plans for each patient . In this way optimum recovery is achieved as soon as possible to get our patients back into their game.

Our office has a digital xray department and facility for a full range of injection therapies as well.

Hospital Affiliations
Englewood Hospital and Medical Center, Englewood, NJ
Holy Name Hospital, Teaneck, NJ

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