Before Your Surgery

You will undergo a thorough evaluation so that your risk of complications from surgery can be kept to a minimum.

Inform your doctor of any:

  • Medicines (including those you buy without a prescription), dietary or nutritional supplements, herbal extracts, or holistic remedies that you are taking.
  • Allergies you may have to medications, gauze, latex or rubber gloves, iodine, soap, or anything else.
  • Past illnesses, infections, or surgeries.

Follow your doctor’s advice on whether to take any medications before your surgery.

Discuss with your doctor the expected length of your recovery and rehabilitation. Before your surgery, you should understand how long it may take to recover and resume normal activities. You should also discuss with your doctor any expected changes in lifestyle after your surgery. Recovery generally takes 4 to 12 months. Keep in mind that every patient is different and recovery is not the same for each person.

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