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Individualized Goals
Before designing your individual program, your physical therapist will conduct a thorough evaluation, assess your condition, learn your goals, and discuss all findings with you. Throughout your program, our expert staff will communicate with you and your doctor to keep everyone current on your progress.

Since you are an integral part of reaching your goals, it is important to us that you feel informed. If you ever have any questions during or after your please be sure to ask. We never want a question to leave our facility unanswered.

Quality of Life
From the first time you visit our facility, it is our mission that you return back to an active lifestyle, whether it be competitive athletics, work, hobbies, or simply pain-free-living.

Active Joints Physical Therapy is a doctor owned facility committed to providing the highest standards of physical therapy care. One of the ways this is achieved is there is always unified care between the doctors and physical therapists. When you are injured, there is a loss of function due to pain or swelling. You have changed your normal routine because of the injury. Active Joints Physical Therapy can help restore your quality of life by restoring your activity to as normal as possible.


What is physical therapy?
The treatment consisting of exercising specific parts of the body such as the legs, arms, hands, back, or neck, in an effort to strengthen and regain range of motion, relearn movement and/or rehabilitate the musculoskeletal system to improve function. This is achieved by the use of heat, cold, light, air water, sound, electricity, massage, mobilization, and therapeutic exercises with or without assistive devices.

What is a physical therapist?
A licensed health care professional who evaluates a patients's condition and then plans and administers treatment to promote optimal health. The physical therapist specializes in muscle development and motor coordination. He or she can plan exercise programs and give advice on sports and activities. The physical therapist may use ultrasound, water therapy, massage, or other methods to improve joints and muscles.

How can I obtain services of a physical therapist?
Physical therapists usually treat patients with referrals from another health care provider, such as physicians, physicians assistants, and or nurse practitioners. A physical therapist can evaluate a patient without a referral, however before treatment can begin a referral must be obtained.

Once you have your referral, the physical therapist can evaluate and discuss your condition and implement a treatment plan and therapy goals designed specifically for you.

What kinds of services and treatment can I expect?
A physical therapist should take your health history, observe your posture and movements, and use their hands to feel and evaluate problem areas. Treatment can include, but is not limited to, exercise, therapeutic use of hands, the application of therapeutic tequniques such as ultrasound and electrical stimulation, training in daily living activities, and patient education.

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